Far in the future, humans have looked otherworldly and have established themselves on neighboring planets. One of these planets is the crimson planet of Mars. Filled with colossal craters and vermillion deserts, this planet was thought to inhabitable, however, this planet proved to be the new center of the galaxy. Divine Celestials explores the viable wardrobe of an everyday person who lives on Mars. This ensemble consists of a Sienna colored long sleeve mohair openwork dress embellished with sequins, paired with a Sienna mohair draped ribbed cowl to mimic the varying textures found on Mars.

Dress and Cowl are fully fashioned knit in 3gg. Look is made in multiple ends of luxurious wool and mohair content. Sequins are hand sewn onto open work on dress. Sequins are also sewn onto cowl and crochet ruffles. Crochet ruffles are in mohair and are placed to highlight the openwork on the dress and sleeves.